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Okay this is what it gonna be like from now on this blog will be my political,social and more relevant issues that we face as a society .I was going to shut this blog permanently but i see people still find it interested enough to check on it. So if you want that in the street on the net check out 2 Eyes 2 Cents / ... Let the New Era begin.

Neither in French nor in English nor in Mexican.
--George w. Bush

declining to take reporters' questions during a photo op with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien

State of the Union 2007 Parody

San Fran's Mayor The Player sleeping with the wife of his campaign managerLink
Tony Blair rejects pressure to resignLink
Should he stay or should he go?Link
Bush Pick For Intelligience say he Dry Snitch On The President if Neccessary?Link
Speaking of which Libby trial reveals what prosecutor wouldn'tLink
Bush puts 'ic' back in 'Democrat Party'Link
Lawmakers Move to Restrain Bush on IranLink
Bush says budget will limit non-defense spendingLink
Hundreds mourn Bill Clinton's stepfatherLink

Sen. Biden: I regret remarks on ObamaLink

2008 Democratic hopefuls call for Iraq war's endLink

Covert CIA prisons reportedLink
Libby: Don't Release TapesLink

Ex-Bush Aide Contradicts Libby on C.I.A. AgentLink
Man arrested for displaying communist poster+Link
Life for peddling bomb materialsLink
4 policemen killed in Baghdad attackLink
Officer killed during soccer riotLink

Taliban leader killed in NATO airstrikeLink
Guantanamo remarks cost policy chief his jobLink
Bush to seek $300 billion for Iraq, Afghanistan through 2009Link
Report finds hidden cost of 'surge' is millionsLink
9/11 security could cost $21 billionLink
Giuliani: Can hero of 9/11 win over his own party?Link
Three million Muslims join mass prayer in Bangladesh seeking peaceLink

Court-martial looms for war objectorLink
Court rules in favor of cursing manLink

Clinton vows to end war in IraqLink

U.S. pilots changing tactics, proceduresLink
U.S. adjusts Iraq tactics after copters downedLink
Bush allies scramble to stop Iraq policy defectionsLink
McCain blasts 'vote of no confidence'Link
A 'Good Chance' Giuliani Will Run in '08Link
As society sees it, Obama is blackLink
British Muslims criticize media reporting of 'kidnap plot' terrorism arrestsLink
Life harsher in new GuantanamoLink
Pakistan Admits Security Forces Allowed Taleban RaidsLink
Test of Bush's terror-fighting authority heads to higher courtLink
Activists Decry Government Detentions in Pakistan Link
U.S. executions under renewed scrutinyLink
U.S. files charges against 3 Guantanamo inmatesLink
Police pose with suspect in killingLink
Police Shoot Protesters Link
Bomb Kills Suspected Pakistan MilitantLink
Japan calls U.S. Iraq policy immature & 'naive': mediaLink
Mercenaries are second largest force in Iraq: UN officialLink
Ex military commanders warn against Iran attackLink
Vietnam vets to vote on Iraq troop surgeLink
130 killed in second deadliest attack since Iraq invasionLink
White House says Iraq bombing an "atrocity"Link
Muslim anger rises over alleged terror plot raidsLink
Palestinian Family Released In TexasLink

Australian Taliban Get Charged 5 Years Later Guantanamo Bay Link
US takes over NATO in Afghanistan, faces bloody yearLink
Mortars kill 15 in Baghdad after deadly truck bombLink
U.S prepares Baghdad offensive on a scale never seen beforeLink
Turkey to lobby U.S. over Kurd rebels in IraqLink

Iran open it's door to nuclear siteLink
Putin rejects U.S. claims on missile defense plans in Europelink
Russian poison plot police coming to UK
Kosovo: Past hinders FutureLink
Celebrating independence, S.Lanka vows to defeat rebelsLink
Rescuers Ends Retrieval Of 50 Fatalities In Philippine ExplosionLink
Dureza: MNLF to allow gov't officials to leaveLink
4 JeM militants arrested in New DelhiLink

Fox Affiliate Debuts Terror-Alert VanLink

Boston mayor targeting Turner Broadcasting after PR stunt spread terror fearsLink
Mayors unite on the 'green' frontLink
N.Korea IL may freeze nuclear facility for oil Link
$10K offered to debunk global warmingLink
Worms + garbage = greenbacksLink

Exxon's record profit: $75,000 a minuteLink
Experts warn of major quake in western CanadaLink
46 nations back body to protect planetLink
Tankers may ship water to parched cities of futureLink
Chinese research ship detected in Japan's EEZLink
Swiss boat claims first solar-powered Atlantic crossingLink
Swiss ready to pay for fight against climate changeLink
Crash starThandie Newton urges celebs to go green:She’s penned letters to Madonna, Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise, but, so far, her pleas have fallen on deaf ears.Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow, the Osbournes and the Beckhams. link
U.S. resists creation of world climate authorityLink
French schools swamped by books challenging evolutionLink
"An Inconvenient Truth," Al Gores global warming documentary will be shown in over 3,000 Britians schoolsLink
Report: Warming is real, man to blameLink
Corps of Engineers aims to shift Big Easy levee funds 1.3 Billion from Mississippi East Bank to N.O West BankLink

Pope says compassion no excuse for euthanasiaLink
Katrina deaths not classified as homicidesLink

Turf war in New Orleans? Levee repairLink
Fla. picks up pieces after deadly stormsLink
Floods leave 340,000homelessLink
Orlando's homeless laws spark debateLink
Defecting Cubans stranded in ColombiaLink
Iraq war spawns growing refugee problemLink
Mummified baby haunts policeLink
Likely Chinese Baby Boom Prompts DebateLink
Chinese Bus Collision Kills 13, Injures 75Link
Airport Worker Charged With Cash SmugglingLink
More U.S. ships, passengers test the waters in EuropeLink
U.K.'s new tax increase means unfriendlier skiesLink
British Docs Warn About Teeth BleachingLink
U.S. Gives Up Trying To Impress England
Most Britons want Blair out Link
Groundhog Day a good introduction to legendsLink

Dog Hair DNA May Close Old Homicide CaseLink

Americans' savings rate drops to Depression era-lowLink
Edwards: raise taxes for healthcareLink
IRS Puts a Stingy Spin on Pension Protection Actlink
Harley Closes Big Plant On Strike Threat
China pledges huge investment, free trade zone in ZambiaLink
US private equity firm buys Jimmy ChooLink
Imelda Marcos Pop Opera Open in NyLink
Inside the Dell Shareholder Lawsuit: Did Dell and Intel Conspire?Link
Shrinkwrap Licenses: An Epidemic Of Lawsuits Waiting To Happen Link

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