Friday, January 5, 2007

Afternoon Tune in

The rappers homey pull out $3,500 Bustas back pocket to bail him out order to pay $100,000 dollars for beating down fan
DMX gets trial delayed and promise to show up
The dog is kept under a short leash by Judge rescheduling trial for traffic violation last year.
Snoop Dogg sued over reality series
Snoop gets hit with a law suit for breach of contract over reality series that involve his Snoop Youth Football League Foundation. Apparently the rapper forgot he already signed a previous contract with Natural Resources Media & Technology Group and try to ink a second deal with 20th Century Fox, I think he just let the bread get to his head and he caught amnesia.

Tyrese Allegedly Punches Pregnant Girlfriend
Guess Black Ty took over Tyrese and had the singer/rapper allegedly punch his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach and is reportedly M.I.A after the incident ducking schedule radio appearances to promote upcoming Transformer Movies.

Black Ty-son

Courtesy of :YBF
GhostFace get shot down by The Killers
Apparently Ghost had another ingenious idea that involved a future mash-upcollabo between himself and the rock group the Killers,where he would infuse there track with his crazy wordplay. Apparently they wasn't going for it.
The Lyrical Professor
Lyrical, a College Professor by day and a MC by night balance the two separate worlds
that he lives in.
Lupe bring "the cool" back
Lupe is trying to bring "the cool" back for the summer and match them numbers with the critical acclaim lyrical abilities.
Paul Wall Creates Custom Vehicle Grills and Wheels
Paul Wall getting his hustle on and creating a signature line of custom of grills and wheel for ya automobile.The items will be availab le for coupes, SUVs, Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnums, Chargers and Cadillac Escalades.

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