Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Evening Briefing

Body found in missing Kan. student case

Boy missing in Mo.; FBI investigating

Mother who threw children off pier acquitted of murder

NYC mom accused of suffocating newborn

Complaint Involving Nets Star Jason Kidd, Wife Filed in New Jersey Family Court

Urinal thief comes clean

Ex-coach allegedly showed porn, hit players in groin

A High-School coach faces 39 counts of hitting players in the groins, pouring water on players,driving in the middle of winter with the windows down,and showing them pornography.According to police reportsGregory Lynn Burr, 28, face charges ranging from sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust to child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury.A student in documents said Burr would ask them, "What is the capital of Thailand?" When they would answer "Bangkok," he would hit them in the groin.In arrest records, some of the victims portrayed the incidents as Burr's misguided attempts at humor but said they kept quite for fear of getting kicked off the team. One student estimated some of the players were hit in the groin 30-40 times.

Another said the blows occurred at every practice, with the coach hitting them with his hand, basketballs and tennis balls. The incidents took place from September 2005 to March 2006, he was arrested on Dec.14 and posted $10,000 bail.He has since been terminated,along with his wife,who was athletic director

A Referee with a Foot Fetish quits before he charged
A High School referee who was arrested over the weekend has resigned after being ejected from a game last month due to making inappropriate comment of a girls feet.He is allege to follow a 15 yrs old basketball player through the school before his game started. His lawyer confirmed that the ref was also arrested in May of 2005 for following underage girls and offering them money to show there feet.In one case, police allege that he went up to a girl walking her dog, took off her shoe and massaged her foot.After the incidents, the Half Hollow Hills School District put out a warning to parents that stated that the man who approached the girls had asked them about modeling shoes for money, and tried to get their phone numbers.

Ex-Fire Chief Cited for weed hours after hearing

Apparently a former Forest Service crew boss was found in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia just hour after appearing in a hearing for manslaughter charges in death of four fire fighter . The citation may have violated the condition a judge made for his release pending trial. Ellreese Daniels,46, was a passenger in a car stop on Interstate 90.The 41-year-old driver was arrested for investigation of being under the influence of alcohol and drugs.Mr.Daniels was charged in 2001 with manslaughter and lying to investigator from a wildfire that killed 4 Forest Service firefighters.

Man Stages Robbery to Get Back in Prison

SOUTH DAYTONA, Fla. (AP) -- Danny Robert Villegas liked prison so much he staged a robbery just to get back in, police say. Officers were called to the Kennedy Space Center Federal Credit Union on Monday after Villegas allegedly walked inside, told the teller he was robbing her and said, "You might as well call the police now," according to a police report.

Police Lt. Ron Wright said Villegas then sat on a couch in the bank lobby to wait for police.

"He said he wanted to rob a federal bank because he wanted to go back to a federal penitentiary," Wright said. "Apparently he robbed a bank in Fresno, California, 10 years ago, was sentenced to 70 months in a federal penitentiary in Phoenix and he enjoyed his time there."

Villegas told police he was a roofer in Texas for five years after he was released from prison, but had grown tired of the work, The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported.

"Two days ago he said he decided to drive to Florida because he wanted to see the ocean," Wright said. "But he ran out of money."

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