Thursday, January 4, 2007

Evening Briefing

The subway "The hero of Harlem" who risked his own life to save a stranger earlier this weeks receives a year's worth of free subway rides, praises and Bronze Medallion, the city's highest award for civic achievement from Bloomberg ,$10,000 dollar from the Donald and $2,500 from the New York Film Academy to start a scholarship fund for his children, and tickets and a backstage tour to the Broadway musical The Lion King and a week-long, all-expenses-paid vacation courtesy of the CEO of The Walt Disney Co. Also did a morning news show circuit and David Letterman Late Night show appearance to be broadcast Thursday night and is schedule to appear on Ellen next week.
Hero of Harlem

Carolyn Ho mother of 1st Lt. Ehren Watada, the first commissioned officer to refuse deployment to Iraq is in Washington trying her best to keep her son out of jail for refusing to go to Iraq. He claims that the war is illegal,U.S enter under false pretense of Weapon of Mass Destruction, and want no part of Bush and the neo-con hidden agenda(s).He asked to be shipped to Afghanistan,which was subsequently denied.He was the offered a non-combatant post in Iraq which he said no thanks.
Mom and son Vs Uncle Sam
The Democrats official took over the House today after 12 years of Republican getting there way with the House .
Dem take over Senate

Bill Clinton attend the ceremony of swearing his wife in at the 110th Congress.
Bill Clinton turns head on Capitol Hill
North Korea's Kim Jong IL is getting ready to test Nuclear weapon,again.
North Korea preparing Nuclear Weapon Test
While head of nuclear agency resigns over security lapses
Repeated Los Alamos Security Breaches forces head honcho out
Five days after a car bombing in Madrid Spain authority's find 220 pounds of explosive in a drum ready to blow.
First they take over the house next would be Clinton turn to be the first lady president.
Pelosi makes history
The tie breaking democrat who had a heart attack last month is still recovering and wont be joining the old boys in Capitol Hill no time soon. It look like the Republican will get the House again. "The senator's sudden illness raised questions about the Democrats' one-vote majority in the upcoming Senate session. South Dakota's Republican governor, Mike Rounds, would appoint a replacement if Johnson's seat were vacated by his death or resignation.

A Republican appointee would create a 50-50 tie and effectively allow the GOP to regain Senate control because of Vice President Dick Cheney's tie-breaking vote. "
Update on Sen Johnson
The woman Bush couldn't get into the Supreme Court with no previous judicial experience hand in her resignation paper to a reluctant President
Another one bites the dust

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