Friday, January 19, 2007

h2>Baby Throws Out ‘Da Kid’ With the BathwaterBaby talk to <a href=""><h1> Complex</h1> </a> about the rumor that had Wayne left with a broken jaw.He airs out Gillie.
A man is a man. He’s a bitch nigga. His mouth is like an ass, anything will come out of it.”

Nigga be trying to do shit to get their name out. He did it for notoriety, it’s been like that since he picked up a microphone. If you don’t know how to get money, you’re going to be a nigga like him, these niggas don’t want this, they don’t want no blood!”

We then asked the Birdman about Gille’s claim of ghostwriting Wayne’s lyrics for the “Carter 1,” a rumor which he also quickly dispelled: “None of that is true homie. Real men do real things. Know what I’m saying? Those niggas can’t write that.

On the backlash from the comment of the Dec. Complex Issue where Wayne  made about Pharell,The Clipse and Jay-Z.

If a nigga feels a certain way, fuck ‘em. Where we come from living is like a threat. We’re not tripping on anything. I come from controversy that’s been our whole life. We ain’t tripping on petty shit.”

His focus this year"
My little homie is the hottest in the game, we’re celebrating our 10th year anniversary, trying to break new artists, we chase money, we just do entertainment.” He adds, “We’re just trying to give the world good music.”

Mixtape Vets Trade "Raid" War Stories, Look To Organize D
<a href=""><h1>Dj Drama interview a few days before the RIAA arrest </h1> </a>

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