Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Late Night News

Yeah haven't been able to post too much since my pc been acting like a bitch on her period. Well let see how it goes for now here something to hold you on.
It's 10:30 PM and im like am I pissed the fuck off with this shitty Verizon DSL.I had this bullshit service since last March and these fuck cant get there shit straight, keep cutting off and on randomly. I admit it much better than when i first got it when i had to call these "Indian can never speak or understand english" representatives who literally give me a big fucking headache.But fuck it the bitch is back up and im still up so here goes some of the news and not so new but shit fuck it it something i hope you find interested.

Falling from the sky:
Unidentified Object Crashes Into N.J. Home

Talking about heroics and proving people wrong about New Yorkers not being considerate and just egotistical and self serving one brave man rescues a teen from imminent death.
Man rescue seizure having teen as an oncoming train approached.
Don't be a fool stay in school, you can actually not only make more money but live longer
School increases life span?
Talking about school and living longer well in this case the opposite is true for a young student who life's was tooken by a fellow student in Washington.
Teen gunned down in hallway of school in Washington state
Talking about school there seem to be a strong interest in bringing western thinking to the Middle East.Some American look forward to building a University in Iraq.
American University of Iraq
Some library official claim the little rugrats are a tad bit too much to handle and decided to close the library from 2:45 p.m. to 5 p.m.The kids are claim to be terrorizing the staff with threat of arson,urinating on the floor and graffiti.
Library shut the doors on students faces
This shit cracked me up,like Don King "only in America",you can sue over anything and this young Luke,as in Uncle Luke, sues school for being expelled over some lyrics. Talk about getting a "bum deal"
A Young Mc sues school and wins $ 60,000 lawsuitover lyrics
College plans on scrapping Bach and Mozart for Gnarls Barkley and Black Eye Peas to teach young students about music.
New School,Old school: How A College Plans to do a KrS-1 and do some Edutaiment
Busta Rhymes Willing To Contribute To Angolan Culture
Hip-hop decline is just a bad rap
Talking about music a woman ended up getting sentence to 20 months over playing loud music
Woman Gets 20-Months for Loud Music
In a recent study by researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China they have come to the conclusion that Chinese use there right side of there brain more due to the way they read.
Asians got there mind right

Under a new federal law under the name of the Veterans Benefits, Health Care and Information Technology Act of 2006 signed recently into the books by President Bush, the remains of a honorable discharge Vietnam Vet has to be removed from Arlington Cemetery. Russel Wayne Wagner a Vietnam vet who was charged with the murder of a elderly coupledied in prison of a heroin overdose and was bury at the cemetery.The son of the couple,Daniel and Wilda Davis, has been vigilant in getting Mr.Wagner's body removed from the cemetery."We just got an extra Christmas present, and I think the whole family's satisfied," he said, according to The Washington Post. "For him to do something like that to Mom and Dad, and then you turn around and honor him like that, it was completely wrong."
"Arlington Cemetery is reserved as a place of honor for men and women who have served their nation in the armed services. It is appropriate to remove the remains of individuals, who, by their own criminal actions, have brought dishonor to themselves and the memory of their service," said Tony Frato, a White House spokesman.
Under the bill, the ashes must either to Wagner's next-of-kin or the Army must "arrange for an appropriate disposition of the remains."
Talking about death and since Christmas just pass and Valentine just around the corner( you know Corporate America got to keep consumers in the malls)I came across a interesting article in the New York Times about keeping your loves one alive in the form of a diamond. Eternal Love Gemstone Inc.,a company "who will transform the carbon of your loved one into a beautiful, gemologist-certified diamond mounted in any one of our wide variety of jewelry settings. True love is eternal. So is a diamond."
Diamond's are forever

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