Friday, January 5, 2007

Evening Briefing

Oprah sued by a trampled audience member
A woman who was apparently trample during a scramble for seats at a taping of the Oprah Winfrey show is suing the big O and her production company Harpo.The reported incident happen to Tanya Milner prior a taping of Oprah sometime in April of 2006 at the Harpo Studio in Chicago and claim Ms. Milner was pushed down a flight of stairs by fellow audience members. Dam even middle white woman get rowdy,who knew.

White Supremacist/Pedophile addicted to Kiddie Porn

A leader of a white supremacist group was arrested last night and charged today on a child pornography sting in Virgina. Apparently his hard drive was full of kiddie porn and he is still being held in custody.Not only was he charged with kiddie porn but also intimidating and threating a witness in a fail attempt to cover up his tracks

This is really actually a fact, you can now get FDA approved drugs for ya fat dog.
FDA approves first drug for obese dogs

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