Thursday, December 21, 2006

Carmello magazine cover gets grounded, Lil Nate apologizes

Apparently Carmello was feature on North West Airline magazine cover due to the "basketbrawl" where he sucker punch Lil Nate Roberson Nate Robinson

inflight mag featuring Carmelo Anthony on the cover

pulled this issue

Speaking of Lil Nate Knicks'
Nate Robinson apologizes for brawl
What started it all:

I gotta say im on my new york shyt so im a fan of the new york knicks but i feel Isaiah was dead wrong in being a soar looser .... He talking about george karl running up the lead and to show some class, i lost alotta respect for him and the bum ass squad, Everybody get hit with fines and he skates free like lupe kicking and pushing

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