Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I do this for you

let me know what would make the site hotter, ya want more uploads?more stories? rumors?
I been going through alot that last couple of years life aint been easy never has and hopefully it will be one day. I really love this hop-hop shit but last couple of years the lack of orginality and corporate america making hip-hop it's bitch really stifle the creativity with artist worrying about BDS spins, sound scan, and bill board. I want artist to sell but not sell there soul. Another thing is everybody is "hip-hop that and hip hop this" selling everything from greeting cards,i kid you not, to porno, (like sex dont sell itself) but everybody forgertting what got them all these deal endorsement from selling sneakers to clothes there orginal deal: that to make music. Another thing is these Anal & Redundant (see A&R) at the labels who aint on there job and should get fire for signing these mediocre artist. I can go on but i wait till later

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