Thursday, December 28, 2006

JAMES BROWN :The Big Pay Back, Ashy Larry on the job,

James Brown: The Big Pay Back:
How he bet every penny he had on himself to record live at the Apollo.
The Big Pay Back
Music increase in digitial scales immediately after his demise
The Big Pay Back II
Speaking of Payback ( i know u like the segue) here the convicted governor of Chicago trying to keep his pension,I guess since his dignity and integrity are both already out the window
Crooked/Convicted Governor sues for Pension
Steve Jobs 7.5 million dollar option may bite Apple
Ashy Larry talks about staying employ after the "Chappelle Show":
Ashy Larry wont stay unemployed" "You need things in the pot," he says. "You never know when someone will take off to Africa"
Gangs brutual attack in Brazil
Wave of gang attacks in Rio kills 18 people

Talking of which read about how Bombs could do NYC subways in
Bomb 'could flood New York subway within hours'
Daily news reflect on one of the most memorable famous headline:
Story behind President Ford's Drop Dead New York

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