Thursday, December 28, 2006

Late Night session:Looking ahead to 07

It 10 pm EST yeah another day comes to a close. Well new years bout 3 days away roughly 72 hours, glad this year behind me. Shit should i say all 27 years, time to look ahead and follow through like driving into the paint. Lotta shit i plan on doing big things with this blogs in the upcoming weeks,look for tons of upload starting in the middle of January maybe like the second week. I say middle of January cause Im looking to send this laptop for much needed repairs next week, but trust me i got a lotta heat in the stash. So bare with me, let me know how ya feel about the site so far and drop a comment.
Just watching the local news when i heard about this wild police chase ending with man getting killed by SUV while he laid on his couch in his home and the SUV crashes through his home
Tragic death

Now to a ligther note here Rosie call out Trump again calling him a Pimp.

Donald Trump is a 'Pimp,' Shameless Rosie O'Donnell Writes

OH yeah something to hold you over:Tokyo Tribe 2 soundtrack video interviews with Just Blaze, DJ Muro, Alchemist, Ghostface and Prodigy.

And Video: Ginuwine's Tribute to James Brown

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