Sunday, December 10, 2006

DJ Clue:Interview

DJ Clue: What up?

TSS: Clue. Ay, what it do man?

Clue: Chillin, what’s good?

TSS: Cool, cool. You got a lot of interviews today?

Clue: Forget about it.

TSS: So “The Professional” right—does that come from the movie about the hitman?

Clue: Yeah, you know that.

TSS: So how does that relate to what you do, what you bring to the game, as far as you being a professional in this music industry?

Clue: I mean, I think personally that that’s just the way I am. I’m a professional, you now what I’m sayin? I’m the same kinda way. I move real cautious. And I think my actions out real clearly before I do them, you know what I’m sayin? Especially when it comes to approaching like, you know what I’m saying, putting myself around whether it’s production or radio or doing mixtapes. I’m the same exact way. And that’s how he was when he was planning out what he had to do. He ain’t trust too many people, you namean?

TSS: Okay. You been doing anything behind the scenes these past few years that maybe we don’t know about?

Clue: Just production I mean. Production, MTV…

TSS: They been treating you real good?

Clue: Who?


Clue: Oh nah I’m not on MTV no more. I was though for a couple of years.

TSS: Okay. What kind of look was that for you to make the segue from radio to being a television personality?

Clue: I mean it was definitely a good thing, namean?

TSS: Was that something that you had planned or would you have been happy doing the mixtape thing, or just the radio thing? What I’m trying to figure out is TV–are we gonna see you on TV again? Was that part of your mission?

Clue: Um, it came up and it was a good opportunity so I took it you know. I took advantage of it.

TSS: How does you being the cat that you are in the game, how do you keep—cause like for instance I know on the new mixtape, on the new album you got coming out, you got Cam and some Dipset members on there, but you’re signed to Def Jam. How does a DJ stay neutral when there’s like, you know, obvious beef—you know the Game, 50 Cent, things like that. Is that something you got to think about?

Clue: I don’t think there’s real beef like that you know what I mean? So I don’t look at it as such.

TSS: So you don’t look at is as such? What is it that sparks your ear first when you decide you’re gonna–?

Clue: I mean I don’t think there’s really beef like that, you know what I mean.

TSS: What do you think about it? Can you speak a little bit on that. Is it competition?

Clue: Yeah I think it’s more of a competition than anything you know what I mean. I don’t think it’s real beef like that. I don’t think no one—real beef is someone layin in your bushes. It ain’t like that.

TSS: Right. Okay. What do you think about Buck getting banned from ATL like that? What do you think about the DJ’s role in that situation?

Clue: Of course I think the DJ’s role is definitely important but I mean hey what you going to do? That’s the way them DJ’s feel. But at the same time, I don’t think Buck really did anything to ‘em. But they saying that—why should they wait till yesterday you namean? They trying to put their foot down and set a precedence with that, you namean? I can’t make them dudes spin records. They need to get at Buck.

TSS: Say it again.

Clue: Nah I’m sayin they took a stance on what they believe in, know what I’m saying? I think that Will and Buck will work it out between themselves but you know obviously other DJ’s don’t feel like that.

TSS: Okay. You’ve seen the mixtape game from such an early perspective man. Anything in this day like has it surprised you at all where the mixtape game has come since you got started?

Clue: Mmmmm. Yeah it’s definitely come a long way.

TSS: I see things,like, did they have DJ collabos before? I see three DJ’s collabo’n on like one mixtape things like that. North, South, West Coast DJ’s doing one mixtape. Is that something that used to exist before? You had one with DJ Skee and some other cats.

Clue: Oh nah, I was supposed to just do some shit with Game and I just got put in the middle of that. I didn’t know what the whole mixtape was about. The Game wanted me to vocal some songs for him for some mixtape he was doing. I ain’t know no one was gonna be on the mixtape or what it was about or nothing like that.

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