Friday, December 22, 2006

Diddy does it:,Kenya Moore weights in on the current Miss Usa issue

Former Miss Usa Kenya Moore gives her opinion on Trump going soft on

Kenya Moore: “I can’t really make that call as to whether he made the right decision, but I feel he made a compassionate decision instead of the bare bones of the decision he should have made. I think by giving this current Miss USA a opportunity to keep her crown after such harsh behavior – allegedly doing illicit drugs and having this party girl behavior –she’s pretty much getting a slap on her wrist,” she said.
But Moore continued that she’s a little concerned and confused as to how just a few years ago, Trump was poised to fire Miss Universe for gaining 20 lbs., “But here’s a woman who’s being accused of doing cocaine and doing all this other stuff, that is even illegal, but he’s not even considering firing her. It’s just kind of disproportionate to me that it would even be a question that she should be able to keep her crown.”

I dont know how this fool gonna post a video bout birth of his babies, him in the delivery room.Me personally i feel he xploiting it for what he loves more than himself, publicity.

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