Friday, December 22, 2006

It's a Celebration

I know Kramer in hot water for using the N-word but Dam it man it's Seinfield, i admit I can quite watch it the same way,but regardless of the fact that show is crazy i still watch it. On that note maybe Chrismast not for you, or you aint lighting no minora, or Kramer aint celebrating kwanza but maybe just maybe this is for you:
"Festivus for the rest of us"It's A celebration bitches
By the way Santa = Satan with the N letter flipped .. Christmas -dec 25th Saturnalia = a pagan Holiday which the Christian church accepted to help covert the pagans to Christianity
Nas not concern with numbers just how the ppl feel about the album
Diddy and Kim twin honor there grandmoms by naming twins after them:
Diddy and kim name twins after each other grandmoms

A good read if you love real hip-hop go check out this tight interview
Papoose Smoking Session

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