Monday, December 25, 2006

Feds look into"Kill Bush"MySpace page,High School Military Recruiters Busted by FBI,Schwarzenegger vs Bush

Happy Festivus to all my Seinfeld fans( yeah im still a fan), Ayo it real early but nigga cant go sleep so you know i was like fuck it nobody up yet so i got online, well you know the news dont stop. Anyway happy christmast, hannakuah,kwanza and whatever ya celebrate.

Dj Carl Blaze Passes away,
DJ Carl Blaze R.I.P

Teenage girl "KILL BUSH" mysMY SPACE page get the Feds attention

High School Military Recruiters Busted in FBI Cocaine Sting

The Terminator takes on Global Warning

Church protest Video game
Bono gets royal treatment from Queen of England


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