Sunday, December 31, 2006

Couple of things to think about

In less than 24 hrs we usher in 2007 hope all good things happen to every good person and all ya asshole get what ya deserving. Well Im up with my nephew playing Madden and all trying to figure out what Im going to do after the new years,cause something gotta give. well anyway here a few lil tid bits to hold you over till later on today or after Monday,depending on how I feel.

A teenager harassed by police in St. Louis, Missouri caught the incident on tape. Brett Darrow, 19, had his video camera rolling last month as he drove his 1997 Maxima, minding his own business. He approached a drunk driving roadblock where he was stopped, detained and threatened with arrest when he declined to enter a conversation with a police officer about his personal travel habits. Now Darrow is considering filing suit against St. Louis County Police.

"I'm scared to drive for fear of being stopped at another checkpoint and arrested while doing nothing illegal," Darrow told TheNewspaper. "We're now guilty until we prove ourselves innocent to these checkpoint officers."

On that late November night, videotape confirms that Darrow had been ordered out of his vehicle after telling a policeman, "I don't wish to discuss my personal life with you, officer." Another officer attempted to move Darrow's car until he realized, "I can't drive stick!" The officer took the opportunity to undertake a thorough search of the interior without probable cause. He found nothing.

When Darrow asked why he was being detained, an officer explained, "If you don't stop running your mouth, we're going to find a reason to lock you up tonight."

The threats ended when Darrow informed officers that they were being recorded. After speaking to a supervisor Darrow was finally released.

"These roadblocks have gotten out of hand," Darrow told TheNewspaper. "If we don't do something about them now, it'll be too late."

Actual footage :Link to video tape

Apparentlythis assholefrom Arkansas by the name of Herbert Cadwell had the bright idea of keeping his wife out the bedroom by boobing trapping the door by attaching a electrical fence by using a metal coat hanger,so when she touch it there were 110 volts jolting her.The police were called to the house 3 days in a row resulting in Mr.Cadwell being charge,pun intended, with installation of a boopy trap and "terroristic threatening".

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Lisa Rewega was involved in a car accident in 2000 while pregnant. Her baby was born severely brain-damaged, blind and with cerebral palsy. The accident was the mother’s fault, but the baby’s injuries were not covered under the insurance policy because it was a fetus at the time.

The family lobbied the Alberta government to change the law to allow a child to sue its mother for injuries sustained while in the womb, but only in the case of a car accident. The family and the insurance company settled for an undisclosed amount after the change of law.

The change of law was possible based on a 1999 Supreme Court of Canada decision.

Fetus can sue mother

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